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Transform and scale your blog to a business that stands out, makes money, and makes an impact.

Tell me if this is you…

You want to scale and monetize your blog but you don't know how or where to start.

You feel unclear about your niche and how you should position yourself as a leader.

You want to launch your first digital course/program but you have no idea how.

You want to create passive income streams so you can quit your job and travel the world.

You dream of building a successful business that makes money and makes an impact.

You're not alone.

Imagine this…

You wake up in your dream house, open your window and see the beautiful view of a beach. You feel refreshed and are excited for the day. You feel so grateful that you finally get to live your ideal day now as you live on your own terms, spend more time with your family, and travel where you want whenever you want to.

Your dream life is here -- in this moment -- simply because you’re able to build a successful blog and turned it into a profitable six-figure business. Your content is now filled with engagements. Your products and offers are selling out. Your brand makes such a huge impact and stands out from the rest of your industry. Your mindset is finally leading you to success.

You feel so proud and grateful because you’ve always known you’re meant for more. That you’re meant to live the life you dream of.

Now, you get to live it.

That is all possible, love. If you choose to commit and take action. If you choose to invest on yourself. If you choose to fly.

Just a few months ago, I was on the brink of giving up on my blogging career. I felt so lonely, so low — no self-esteem and confidence at all. I still kept on posting photos on my Instagram where I was smiling and I still showed up online like nothing was wrong, when in fact, I was such in a dark place.
Whenever I opened my phone, I’d see photos of other bloggers (most of them I’ve met and become friends with online) who were making money from their blogs. I thought, why isn’t this happening to me? Why am I not even standing out?

I followed the trends and did what I saw others were doing simply because I thought that if those things are working for them, then they should work for me, too (spoiler alert: they didn’t). I kept comparing myself to them until one day, I lost all my motivation to even write a single blog post. All because I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough, I thought that nobody was even reading my blog posts and that maybe, blogging and building a successful business are just not the right fit for me.

Until it hit me — if I have big dreams to achieve, a message to share, a passion I love (writing), and a story to tell, why will I ever stop? Why will I ever give up? Someone out there has to learn from my mistakes, hear my message, be inspired by my story, and show up and stand out online just like I do.

That someone might be YOU.

Within a few months of working on my mindset and committing to uplevel my blog, I was able to increase my engagements, find my tribe, turn my blog into a business that I love, create my first digital product, and sell my online courses.

I’m sure all these are possible for you, too.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all way of doing things. I believe that YOU have your own path to blogging success and YOU must be able to design it the way you want it to be.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this program.

The Stand Out For Success Coaching Program is here to help you take your blog to the next level. By working 1-on-1 with me, we will go through all the things you need and take action steps that will ultimately lead you to build a successful and profitable blog, so you can live the life of your dreams.

Myrra Kate

In the Stand Out for Success mentorship program,


will get...

Intensive calls with me where I can guide you one-on-one and personalize the strategies that work FOR you (my positivity and high vibes are so contagious you'll feel them even if we can only see each other through the screen)
Recording of the calls so you can replay them whenever you want and have lifetime access to them
Unlimited voice-messaging access with me so you can ask any questions any time (using Voxer app)
Audit sessions where I audit your blog or brand to tell you what you can work and improve on
Access to strategies I personally use to grow my audience
Access to templates/files that you can use and/or copy-paste to grow your blog
Discounts on my online courses

You have that burning desire in you to create and grow a blog that makes a huge positive impact in the world, thrives a loyal and engaged community, makes money that equals or even surpasses your income goals, and gives you the opportunity to travel where you want whenever you want to.

Let me be the first one to tell you that THAT IS POSSIBLE. Whatever you desire now will manifest with patience, determination, timing, and the right mindset and strategies.

Your dreams are your dreams because God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in knows that you were the right person to make them happen.

You are meant to make your dreams happen.

And I am confident that I can help you get there.

Here is a list of just some of the topics we will cover (depending on the current position of your blog/brand, your goals, and your needs):

How you can work on your mindset so you can be successful INSIDE OUT

How to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Practical action steps to be more confident in showing up online

How to deal with impostor syndrome as a bossbabe

How to get more things done in less time as a blogger

Effective ways of beating procrastination and lack of motivation in content creation

Finding your WHY and clarifying your niche so your blog will stand out more

How to REALLY be authentic online

Planning, researching, and creating content for your blog and social media posts that will resonate with your audience so they can't help but engage and share it

Incorporating your brand story and unique voice in your content creation

How to thrive your own community of raving or loyal fans, customers, and/or clients

Marketing your content so that they can inevitably stand out

How to monetize your blog (news flash: you don't need a BIG audience to start earning!)

How to get out of your content creation slump

How to stay consistent in content creation

How to manage your time and prioritize effectively to balance your blogging duties with other aspects of your life

How to set the right intentions and goals for your brand and business

Other tools, resources, and strategies that you may use to uplevel yourself, your blog and your brand


coaching program

Never underestimate where you could be in three months! Can you picture yourself finally hitting that momentum and growing your blog and social media authentically and organically? Monetizing your blog? Creating a community and finding your tribe? Yes, that could be YOU in just 3 months! With me as your coach, accountability partner, and best friend (uhm yes, we’ll be talking for 12 weeks!), you’ll be guided and supported as you go through your journey to growth and success not just of your blog and business but also YOU as a person!
Weekly intensive calls with me (using Zoom) for the whole three months (that's 12 calls!)
Unlimited voice access with me (using Voxer)
Auditing sessions for your blog and/or social media
$1800 in total payment

*Payment plans are available after registering for the mentorship

You have two choices…

You can take the slow lane.

Go through this journey alone. Just google every advice you need on how to be successful and how to stand out online. Just search Youtube videos for tutorials on how to grow an authentic following for your brand, and tips on how you can monetize your blog and brand in the most authentic way possible. But there’s no certainty; you’re like going through the journey blindfolded. You’re trying to figure out the ways you’ll succeed but you feel like others are already starting to achieve their dreams but you’re not. You’re giving it your all, but you feel like the path is still so blurry and confusing.


You can take the short cut.

Go through this mentorship program with me as your coach. Get someone to help you work on your mindset blocks and give you truth bombs that you need to hear, so you stop holding yourself back from being that successful blogger you dream to be. Have a clear and simple system to follow – steps and strategies laid out right in front of you so all you have to do is implement them. The journey will not be easy for sure, but you’ll have someone in your back to keep pushing and motivating you as your coach, best friend, and business bestie all in one.

Client Love

Working with Myrra in a 1:1 coaching session made me realize what impact I want to create for my audience: whether to be an influencer or an entrepreneur. I learned about the blogging and coaching business, things I never thought I would be interested in. I also got clarity on what offers I can do as a starting entrepreneur. She is also an inspiring coach who would push you through your limits and celebrate with you in your success. It is a one of a kind experience that I am thankful I had the chance to get.

Cha Almasen


I had just started to think about get serious about blogging when I met Myrra at the coffee shop. I was reading her blog back home and I had already learnt so much, that I was looking forward to talking to her again, this time focusing on blogging. The biggest change is my mindset and getting clarity about what to do with my blog. Myrra helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses without making me feel bad. The best part is the way she explains things and how caring and motivational she is while doing so. She is such a joyful person who is also the best motivational coach, without the typical boring sentences and actual advise that you can put to use the minute you finish the call.



So, my love, what’s your choice?

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