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Video Trainings and Workbooks, walking you through each phase of my signature Course Compass framework to launch your course

Monthly Breakthrough Calls, where I can help and coach you as you go through the course creation process

A private Facebook group as a community to connect & get support

LIMITED-TIME BONUS #1: Course Tech Workshop, so you can easily implement the tech side of course creation

LIMITED-TIME BONUS #2: Money Mindset Masterclass, so you can authentically launch and market your course without feeling icky

LIMITED-TIME BONUS #3: Your Profitable Niche Course, so you can get crystal clarity on the foundations of your brand

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I feel stuck. I feel exhausted. I just want more time.

Are these some of the things you keep telling yourself?


  • You’re an online coach or entrepreneur who wants to create consistent multiple income streams so you can provide for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You built your business on the side so you can quit your unfulfilling 9-5 job and have more time and freedom on your hands.
  • You want to stop trading time for money so you can spend more time traveling and having fun with your family and friends.

If you’re one or all of the above, I see you.

And it’s high-time you stop trading time for money and start working on scaling your business with less effort and less stress. One of the best ways you can do that is by leveraging online courses in your business.

What members are saying...


"Meeting Myrra was an answered prayer! I was about to launch my first ever course but still needed so much coaching! I was starting to get a little frantic. She gave me keen and specific advise and a lot of affirmations, and that was even before I signed up on Course Compass. It really helped me a lot just in time for the first launch. Even though I already have a course at hand right now (Plantbased Vegan), but through CC, I’m able to apply principles about audience building, my sales pathway, writing specific goals, and get advise from Myrra with the plans I have. I have tried several coaches and courses but with Course Compass, I’m learning without pressure but with utmost support and undivided attention. I’m still learning now, but I am more confident in my course and reaching my audience. I highly recommend Course Compass to someone who is just starting out and have no idea what they’re doing!"



Your Course Compass will walk you through every single step of the process of creating and launching a course so you never feel overwhelmed, lost, or stuck.

Here's how we do things in Course Compass...


Your Go-to Course about Courses

By taking the Course Compass course inside the membership, you will:

  • Have a solid and profitable course topic from the get-go to avoid failed launches
  • Create and deliver a course that actually brings transformation to your students
  • Launch and sell your course in the most aligned way and without feeling icky
  • Learn the mindset of being a successful heart-centered course creator


Workbooks and Other Resources

As a coach, I'm here to guide you. The most powerful way for you to go through the process and launch your signature online course is by taking advantage of the workbooks and resources. The transformation is really on the other side of you taking action!

+ you'll get checklists & templates i've never shared anywhere!


Breakthrough Calls

Think of this as being a part of an exclusive group coaching program! In our monthly Breakthrough Calls, we're going to:

  • Celebrate the progress and wins of every member of Course Compass
  • Host a Q&A portion where I can answer and coach you through it (aka clarity sessions)
  • Brainstorm your projects, milestones, and actions for the coming month



You don't do things alone in Course Compass! We do it all together in the FB group community to make sure that everyone has accountability and everyone can connect and get support from each other. Ever heard of the hashtag #communityovercompetition? In Course Compass, we take that by heart!

Here are some bonuses!

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Special Bonus #1

Course Tech Workshop Mockup_Desktop copy

course tech workshop

Spare yourself the days and weeks you spend trying to figure out the tech side of online course creation. If you're not too techy, this workshop will help you implement all the tech you need to know without any hassle.

value | $297 included in the course compass

Special Bonus #2

Money Mindset Masterclass Desktop

money mindset masterclass

It's high time you start being more authentic and stop feeling salesy in launching, marketing, and selling your course. This masterclass could be a course itself but we include it to help you shift your limiting beliefs in money, marketing, and sales.

value | $197 included in the course compass

Special Bonus #3

YPN Mockup_Desktop

your profitable niche course

Get crystal clarity on the foundations of a successful online business. This course will help you clarify your niche, ideal audience, brand story, and unique voice which will help you resonate with your audience for effortless sales and more massive impact.

value | $197 included in the course compass

Special Bonus #4

Discount Complete Mockup

a massive $1200 price discount!

The usual price to join Course Compass for a year is $297/mo, but you get to join for $197 THIS ROUND ONLY. You're saving $1,200 annually by deciding to take action today and transform your business.


But you get everything for free by joining the Course Compass

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Ready to Launch
Your Course?

If you're ready to create and launch your signature course to create passive income and have more freedom and ease in your business, join us inside Course Compass now. These bonuses will expire when the timer runs out so don't miss out!

  • Course Tech Workshop
  • Money Mindset Masterclass
  • Your Profitable Niche Course
  • AND a total discount for $1200!