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5 Top Tips to Dress Well While Traveling

written by myrra kate

Traveling means that for a certain period of time, you will be living out of a suitcase.

To dress well while traveling may or may not be a challenge for you depending on what type of traveler you are. Maybe you’re a minimalist backpacker who only carries enough clothes that you think you will need during the span of your trip or maybe you’re someone who prefers to bring a luggage and even bring some extra clothes for whatever situation may arise.

But for me, however, whatever type of traveler you are isn’t an excuse for you not to dress well while traveling. It’s not that we should all look and be fashion blogger-ish when we travel where we bring lots and lots of coats and shoes and bags and don’t care about baggage weight limit because seriously, some of us just wouldn’t dare.

Take that from me as a style blogger, myself.

No. What I’m saying is that looking presentable and most especially, feeling comfortable in what we’re wearing during our travels is something that we should start prioritizing. After all, we can’t really have the time of our lives while traveling if we feel uncomfortable or if we don’t feel confident enough with the clothes that we’re wearing.

Notice something? I have put emphasis and reiterated comfort for several times.

As a student traveler, looking good isn’t as important as feeling good for me. Feeling good means you don’t just look extra stylish on your outfit but you also are extra comfortable and confident in it.

And the point is to dress well while traveling isn’t just about looking good in your travel #ootd’s but also feeling good in them.

The good thing about dressing in style and with comfort when you travel is that it doesn’t take so much effort at all. Mind you, however, that it’s also not as simple as grabbing your hoodie and denim jeans and knowing you’re off to go. Even if we’re putting more value in comfort, packing dresses and heels (if you’re that type) is still an option.

Throughout my travels in Europe, I have learned a thing or two in curating stylish looks without compromising comfort. Here are my top tips for dressing well while traveling:

dress well while traveling - florence, italy
? Florence, Italy

5 Top Tips to Dress Well while Traveling

1. Plan your outfits in advance.

Make time to plan your outfits before you leave to travel. It’s a matter of being practical so you won’t need to buy any more outfits abroad and prepared for your travel itinerary. I know it’s tempting to just pack whatever you think you will need and leave (spontaneity at its best, ha!) but to dress well while traveling, you also have to consider your outfits beforehand.

The things to consider when planning your looks are:

  • the temperature and season to where you’re heading;
  • the culture (and sometimes, dress requirements) in the places you’ll be going to (i.e. wearing clothes that don’t show off too much skin when going to churches in Italy);
  • the mode of transportation and going from place to place (if you’re going to have to walk for hours, you don’t want your everyday shoewear to be high heels, right?); and
  • the look you’re aiming for (are you a more dressy kind of girl? or are you fine with denim jeans and shirts already?)

When choosing your outfits, I suggest you pick those in neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, and beige, so you can easily mix and match them.

Denim jeans are also one of my go-to outfits because I can easily just pair them with anything and I’m literally good to go. The best thing about them is that they can also be used at least twice (depending on the situation, of course) so I can effortlessly plan numerous looks in a minimal number of clothes.

2. Pack what is needed but don’t hesitate to bring a few extra clothes or dress for any situation that may arise.

The one main goal when I pack for my travels is to fit everything that I need in my bags without hitting the luggage weight limit. It’s challenging for me – and it gets pretty overwhelming sometimes – because I can’t help but overthink all sides of what may happen when I’m traveling.

I’m pretty sure that when I went to Florence, I brought lots of sweaters since it was winter and I knew that we would be walking outside for hours in those Italian streets. But what I didn’t expect is that my roommates in the hostel I stayed at were going to invite my friend and me to go clubbing so surely, I wasn’t ready at all.

Unexpected situations like that will inevitably happen during your travels so I suggest that besides packing your essentials, pack some extra clothes that can be fit in any situation.

Personally, I prefer packing extra dresses in my luggage just because they may come handy at any time. These Talever women dresses are examples of what I usually pick as extra clothes because a) they are plain in color so I can be sure that they can easily be paired with anything and b) they don’t take so much space in my luggage so I can just roll them and I’m good to go.

Check out Talever’s website to see more choices for dresses.

3. Bring your most comfortable flats or sneakers that you can pair with your outfits.

Bringing sandals with wedges or boots with heels aren’t a problem if you think they really are necessary for your trip (i.e. you want that perfect Instagrammable #OOTD) and you still have space in your luggage. But the point is, don’t sacrifice comfort with style.

Always bring flats and/or sneakers (plus points if you wear them in the airport so you won’t have to worry about added weight) that are comfortable to walk with. White sneakers like this are the best because you can wear them with jeans, skirts, and even dresses.

4. Decide what your staples are.

Your staples are the most important and your most usual go-to outfits. They are your fashion statements.

For me, my staple is a denim jacket. It’s something I usually just throw on any of my outfits and I know it made it look 100% chicer already.

When traveling, you only have limited clothes to mix and match. Most probably they are basics – plain and neutral – so they are effortless to style. This is where your staples, such as statement leather jackets and chic leather bag, come in – to make your outfit pop a little more.

5. Accessorize but don’t overdo it.

Speaking of making your outfits pop, accessorizing is also a great way to do it since they are made to give life to your looks. You’d be surprised what a bangle bracelet or hoop earrings could do.

As for me, my favorite way to accessorize is just a simple gold chain necklace, gold earrings, plus a good ol’ hat (most usually, a straw hat but it changes through the seasons). See, my style is more on the minimalist side so it’s also an advantage for me because I don’t feel like I need to bring lots of accessories on my travels.

With this said, the most important thing with accessorizing is to not overdo it. I’m a big believer that less is more when it comes to accessorizing so you’re going to dress well while traveling.

So there you have it, loves. Those are my top tips so you can dress well while traveling which means you can both look and feel good. Remember that your style is one way to express yourself so go ahead and do it freely and confidently. You are beautiful, loves! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Share this post if you found it useful and make sure to comment below what your strategies are when you plan your outfits. Talk to you soon, loves!

My outfit details: skirt from Style Genie PH (Use code “SGXMYRRA” for a Php500 discount), no brand (top), Uniqlo heattech, tights from Tezenis, boots from Mango, and bag from Zaful. 


How to Dress Well while Traveling for Women and Solo Travelers
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Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration with Talever. Opinions stated here are still entirely my own.

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