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How to Find Your Profitable Niche

written by myrra kate

If you’re looking for clarity on how to find your niche so you can build a profitable business, you’re in the right place.

When I started my blog in 2015, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even have any idea that I can make money through blogging, let alone start my own personal brand and business with it. I just knew that blogging would be a nice way to share my thoughts — end of story.

But several years passed, blogging is now one of the most common ways people make money online. After all, the online world has grown so much and at such a fast pace that it has opened up countless opportunities for everyone.

It’s only up to you whether you want to grab those opportunities or let them pass you by.

But, if you’re here, I’m sure you’re eager to learn how you can start making money through your blog. When people ask me that question, my usual first answer is to find your blog niche.

How to Find Your Profitable Blog Niche

In order to find your blog niche, you must consider your passions, skills, and vision for your blog. It’s also super important that you find a niche that is profitable enough for you to scale and monetize your blog. All these will be explained thoroughly in this article, but first, I want to explain the WHAT and WHY of finding a profitable blogging niche.

What is the Meaning of ‘Niche’ in Blogging?

Let’s not overcomplicate things here and try to define “niche” as simple as possible. Your blog niche simply means the topic you will focus upon your blog. It is the core message or subject that you would be known as the expert about. It is the main problem you’re solving or gap you’re filling in for your ideal audience.

In other simple terms, your niche is what your audience will remember you about.

What are the Most Profitable Blogging Niches?

As of 2019, the blogging niches that are making the most money online are within these topics:

  • Travel
  • Finance/Making Money
  • Marketing
  • Parenting (mostly about being Mommy Bloggers)
  • Food
  • Health and Wellness
  • Fitness and Weight Loss
  • Beauty/Lifestyle
  • Personal Development
  • Love and Relationships

Considering that these niches are still vague, the list above is just a general assumption (based on my research) of the most popular and profitable blog topics. However, in choosing your blogging niche, I want you to remember that it is not required to be under these general topics just to make money online (especially if you’re really not passionate about them). The main thing to take note of is to stick to a niche where you can let your light shine as the authority, expert, or go-to person in it.

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Why is it Important to Find your Blog Niche?

There are four general things why I, along with many other professional bloggers who have proven the benefits of niching down in monetizing our blogs, recommend that you find your blog niche.

A niche makes it easier for you to create content.

When you’re focusing on one niche, your mind will also get laser-focused on what content you could write about. Using a dartboard as a metaphor, it becomes easier to hit the target when you’re focused on it instead of the space around it, right? Plus, this gives you more leeway to create content that truly resonates with your audience.

A niche positions you as the expert.

When people read your blog, it is important that they know exactly how you can help them in a matter of seconds when they click on your blog. It is extremely important that you get to be remembered in something because that something will be the reason why your audience will keep coming back to your blog and even follow your social media accounts. By becoming their go-to person or expert, you’ll also have more chances of building an ideal audience base that is loyal to you.

A niche helps you build trust with your audience.

Do you know what comes after loyalty? Trust. It’s super important to not stop at the know and like stages. You must get people to trust you in order for your call-to-action’s to be effective and for you to get sales. People won’t necessarily buy from you or stick to your blog unless they trust you as an individual and as an expert in that niche.

A niche opens up more opportunities for you.

Your niche doesn’t stop in being your blog’s main topic. By niching down, you’re opening yourself up to many opportunities such as book deals from your favorite publisher, brands in your niche paying you huge amounts of money to work with you, and many more. You see, niching down is just the first YET very foundational step.

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How Do You Find a Profitable Niche?

So, now that we’ve established what a niche is and why it is vital for you to be a successful blogger, let’s move on to how you can actually decide what to blog about as a blogging niche.

I love teaching this in my course, Your Profitable Niche, because I’ve made a step-by-step framework that takes the overwhelm and confusion out to find your blog niche. By following the simple process I teach in the course, you’ll be able to find your blogging niche in just a matter of days (or hours, depending on how enthusiastic you are in going through the modules). I’m not a fan of overcomplicating things so that’s exactly what I lay out in the course.

To give you an idea on how you can find your own profitable niche, I recommend you take the next four things into consideration:

What is your purpose and vision for your blog?

As Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, said: “Begin with the end in mind.” In order for you to decide on a niche that will be profitable and fulfilling for you, identify your blogging purpose first.

Imagine it for a second — when you’re already successful in running a profitable blog, what are you known for at that time? How are you living up to your blog’s vision at that time?

For example, if my long-term vision for my blog is to help empower millions of women in the world, what can I talk about in my blog to do so? My niche could be something like “teaching women how to start a business so they can quit their 9-5 jobs” or it could simply be “giving style tips for petite women”. Both of these niches are in very different industries but it is clear that both of them result in empowering women.

What are your passions?

Your niche should be something you love doing or are passionate about. Otherwise, it is no use to keep writing about something that doesn’t light you up or make you feel excited because it will reflect in the quality of your work.

Perhaps, there were times when you saw someone speaking about their passions and you can literally feel the excitement surging through them that you can’t help but listen. That’s the power of passion. If you’re coming from that place instead of merely picking a niche just because “it’s a trend”, your ideal audience will be more effortlessly attracted to you.

So list down your passions, rate them, and see what you’d want to start blogging about first.

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What are your knowledge or skills?

It also helps if you know something about your niche or you have some skills about it. Perhaps, you’ve been drowning yourself in so many personal development books that you wanted to start a mindset or self-development blog? That could be your niche!

Or, maybe, you’ve graduated with a business major and you want to share your knowledge with other people. Then, you can start a blog that teaches how your ideal audience can start their own profitable empires or brands.

Those are just a few examples but I hope you get my point, knowing your skills and sharing your talents could be an amazing way to explore your niche.

The bigger and the more urgent the problem you're solving, the more income and impact you can make through your blog.Click To Tweet

What are the things your audience demands (to buy or to know)?

As explained earlier, your niche is a problem you’re solving through your blog for your ideal audience. I want you to remember that the bigger and the more urgent the problem you’re solving, the more income and impact you can make through your blog.

Most aspiring bloggers start from thinking about what their audience needs and give too much effort and time on blogging about that but not getting results. That’s because they didn’t take time to understand it from the lenses of their ideal audience. That’s exactly why ideal audience research is something I REALLY recommend.

There has to be a DEMAND in your niche for it to be PROFITABLE enough. Are people searching for it in search engines? Are people actually talking about it? Are people even willing to pay money for it? These are the things you’d want to learn more about by doing market research to find your blog niche.

What’s Next?

I hope I established how important and transformational it is to find your blog niche for you to start building a profitable blog. I, myself, could tell you just how much of an impact it created in my blog when I just simply made the decision to niche down.

I used to be so afraid of sticking to a niche because that would mean other people won’t go to my blog anymore, right? I was such a people-pleaser at that time, but once I took the leap in getting ULTRA clarity on my niche and taking time to get to know my ideal audience, I started bringing in more sales and more ways to monetize my blog. Not only that, but I also was able to get more engagement from my thriving community.

This is SO possible for you, too.

If you’re ready to get CRYSTAL CLARITY of your blogging niche and learn the step-by-step process you can take to build your own profitable blog, you are more than welcome to enroll in the Your Profitable Niche course.

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  • You’ve poured your energy and effort into creating content online but no one’s engaging with them.
  • You’re disappointed in trying all the strategies you read online about finding a niche but nothing’s going as well as you’d like it to.

If yes, I must tell you that Your Profitable Niche course is designed specifically FOR YOU.

I know what it’s like to feel so stressed and burnt out because after all the countless hours I spend Googling about finding a profitable niche and growing my blog, I still wasn’t getting results. Not until… I learned the 3 most important things that I was then missing in my blog.

That 3-step framework is what I teach in the Your Profitable Niche course to spare you the years I’ve wasted (def not regretting them because I learned these), effort, and tears I’ve gone through just to build my blog. I want to help you GROW YOUR BLOG in the simplest, most aligned, and most authentic way possible and that’s what I do in the course itself.

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That’s it for today’s blog post, my love. As always, feel free to comment down your questions and breakthroughs after reading this blog post or better yet, tag me on Instagram — @myrrakate.

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How to find a profitable niche

how to find your blog niche

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