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How to Take the Perfect #OOTD

written by myrra kate

This is perhaps one of the challenges everyone in Instagram (or any social media) is experiencing – taking the perfect-looking #OOTD. Even I, honestly, feel the struggle of getting that right shot with the right angle and in the right location. I pose and pose and pose but still, when I finally look at my camera roll, there’s no photo that captured it. After months of researching and experimenting on this, finally, here are the tips I can give to you on how to take that #OOTD picture you will be proud of.

1. First and foremost, wear something you’re most comfortable and stylish at.

You cannot take that “perfect” shot if your discomfort of the clothes you’re wearing is showing or is too obvious on the picture. Make sure you find that outfit that makes you stand with your head held high and feel like you’re an internationally-acclaimed model or the most beautiful person in the world. (Spoiler alert: You are.)

Top: Forever 21; Shoes: (my Mom’s)

2. Find the perfect location.

It may be a plain wall, a mural, or scenery that you love but the important thing is that they are appropriate for your outfit. Make sure the colors are complementing so that the image will not look too colorful or too dull. It helps greatly to consider your background and your surroundings.

3. Natural lighting is the key.

Always, ALWAYS face the light. It helps make your skin glow and look bright and fresh which then makes you look better in the photo. (An exception would be if you want to take a silhouette photo instead, though.) Also, remember the golden hour – an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset – or mid-afternoon hours for that soft warm light that doesn’t even require any filter.

However, make sure that the light is not too harsh on you and that you are at a right angle to it. For example, noon wouldn’t be such a great time to take pictures because the direct light would look too harsh on you and would create an unnecessary shadow that doesn’t look that good on photos. However, it could still look better if you are under shade because then, the noon light would create a glowing effect on your skin.

4. Be confident.

I know people are going to stare when you’re taking pictures and sometimes, it could make you conscious. But girl, just work it! Don’t mind them and just keep smiling!

If they really are bothering you that much, you may try thinking of something – the funniest thing you’ve ever seen, maybe – and just try to make yourself laugh. That way, you can also have candid shots! And pinky promise, candid shots are a whole lot better than posed photos.

5. Make lots of poses.

It may seem like taking a photo with your one and only favorite pose is great but when taking #ootd’s, you may want to do lots of poses… And I mean, LOTS of them. Tilt your body, work on your angle, smile, look fierce, fake laugh, sit – I don’t know, just do it. A variety of poses gives you the chance to see and pick what looks better on your outfit and your body. So be creative!

6. It’s best to consider your angles.

If you’re petite just like me, you may want to take your photos at a low angle to make you look taller. On the other hand, if you have no problem with height, you may take the photo on a high angle which would make your body look slimmer.

low angle
Look, my angle here was kind of a “failure”. See the difference when I put my leg in front of the other and take the pic in a low angle.
long legs
Look how the right angle elongated my legs! ?

7. Try to let others take your photo for you (or invest on a tripod, maybe?).

Selfies are great, yes, but asking for your friend or a stranger to take a picture of you would mean a great deal. By this, you can pose all you want and use your hands freely on the pictures.

Also, if you’re worrying that the stranger might not take a photo of you on the right angle, worry not because here’s the trick. Before letting anyone take a photo of you, angle your camera on how you want your photo to be, let the other person hold it steadily, and ask them to click lots of times or use the burst mode feature. And then, voila, you have your pic!

mommy and myrra
This photo was just taken by the employee in the mall. See? ?

8. Speaking of the burst mode, make sure to take lots of pictures.

By doing this, you’re doing yourself a favor in repeating your shots just to capture that moment again where your photo was blurred. You’ll have numerous choices to pick from and doesn’t that just make life easier?

9. Just be natural and smile.

Just be genuine in front of the camera and play with your poses and everything. As I have said earlier, candid shots are way better than photos which seem staged. Smile and let that grin complete someone’s day! Finally, just do YOU and I’m sure that #ootd is going to slay.


Thank you for reading, loves! I hope you find this post helpful. Do you have struggles in taking good #ootd’s, too? Do you have some more tips and secrets? Share them with me in the comments! Yay!

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how to take the perfect #ootd - yours truly, myrra
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