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How to Layer Like a Pro in Winter as a Petite

written by myrra kate

Six months ago, I didn’t have any idea on how to layer. I was born and raised in the Philippines, a tropical country that is 14.62 degrees or about 1,625 km north of the equator (I googled that for ya *wink wink*). You can imagine how hot it gets there during the summer. Still, even throughout the rainy or cold season, the temperature is still bearable and warm enough for the people not to layer clothes.

Layering outfits, however, is already common in the other colder parts of the world. When I went to Italy as an exchange student for the autumn-winter semester, I was, of course, forced to learn how. I honestly underestimated winter here in Trento and thought that I could survive it with just a sweater and a coat. By late October last year, the truth decided to hit me right in the face: it was freezing cold. Two layers of clothing underneath my sweater turned out to be inadequate for a person like me who gets cold fast.

By that time, I was certain that I had to buy a legit winter coat already. However, I was faced with two problems:

  1. I found winter coats so expensive that time since it still wasn’t the sale season; and
  2. European sizes were just so big for a petite like me.

I was so worried that time! I most definitely did not want to invest in a super expensive coat that didn’t actually fit me perfectly.

Thankfully though, I got to find my first puffer jacket in a random shop in Venice. It still was quite big in my arms but it wasn’t too long or short for me. I survived about a month with only that jacket and some of the sweaters I brought from the Philippines.


Eventually, the winter season came and it definitely got colder. That was the time I unhesitantly bought a padded coat(similar) from Zara (which turned out to be my most favorite and most used coat) and a wool-blend peacoat from H&M. I honestly had better choices but I was left with these two options since they’re the only ones that fit me nicely.

Fast forward to now, I can proudly say that I have gotten used to layering already. It isn’t such a big hassle for me anymore. I can also say that I’ve learned pretty well on how to layer my clothes without looking and feeling too bulky as a petite girl.

Want to know how to still look flattering while slaying the winter outfit layering game? Then keep on reading, loves!

How to Layer like a pro in winter as a petite - Yours Truly, Myrra

How to Layer Like a Pro as a Petite

Take advantage of your Uniqlo heattech.

I swear, without these heattech shirts, I wouldn’t survive in the cold for hours. During my Eurotrip last December where I spent almost the entire day out in the cold as I visit different places, this shirt kept my sanity (and body temperature) in check. It’s really a must during the winter or whenever you go to colder places.

Wear thermal tights under your pants (preferably high-waisted pants)

Any tights or leggings will do so as to serve as your second skin. If you’re like me who freezes easily, you can opt to buy yourself a thermal cotton one so it would make you feel warmer. (I got mine at Tezenis and it was honestly one of the best decisions ever) Then, as petites, top it off with high-waisted pants that definitely help in giving the illusion of longer legs.

Tuck your sweater under your pants.

Besides wearing high-waisted bottoms, you can also tuck your top/sweater under so your legs will look longer and leaner. You can either tuck it fully or just tuck the front in (like what I did in this ootd).

Get yourself a padded coat or jacket that accentuates your waist.

It honestly seems overwhelming for us, petites, to wear these types of coats or jackets simply because they tend to make us look bulkier and shorter. Therefore, the technique is to find a coat that cinches in your waist. An example of these would be those coats with belts. In this way, you are making yourself appear taller and sleeker.

How to Layer like a pro in winter as a petite - Yours Truly, Myrra

Wear winter boots but if you don’t have one then just double your socks.

In my case, I didn’t want to buy boots that were made especially for the winter/snow season since I wouldn’t be needing them back home. Instead, I keep myself warm when it’s extra cold outside by wearing two pairs of socks under my leather boots.

If it’s really cold then opt to wear accessories such as scarf, beanies, and gloves.

Knitted scarves and beanies are also a must whenever it’s winter. You can actually make your outfit pop by choosing a scarf that keeps you warm and is flattering in color and design. You can also play around with how you want to style it. As for gloves, it is said that leather ones keep you warmer than a cotton one but you can still choose whatever you prefer.

How to Layer like a pro in winter as a petite - Yours Truly, Myrra

WHAT I’M WEARING: Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Shirt (underneath) / Terranova V-neck Sweater / Zara Army Green Puffer Coat / Tezenis Thermal Tights / OVS High-waisted Pants / H&M Cotton Gloves / H&M Knitted Beanie / Zaful Bag / La Giudecca Leather Boots

See? It turns out that layering isn’t as hard as we think it is if we are only equipped with the right tricks and hacks in styling our winter ootd’s.

Do you have other tips on layering? Share them in the comments, loves!

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How to Layer Like a Pro In Winter for Petites - Yours Truly, Myrra
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