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What to Do when You Don’t Feel Good Enough as a Blogger

written by myrra kate

My gosh, it’s 2019! Are you excited like I am for what’s to come this year? AAAAHHH, here’s to the best of 2019! ?

Anyways, I’m back with another blog post to help you feel more confident and fulfilled as a blogger. These mindset tips for bloggers and influencers can help you feel good enough in this industry as I know personally that the blogging world can be quite challenging at times.

Perhaps, you have all these blogging goals last year that you failed to reach (note: have you read this post where I talk about the ways you can slay your blogging goals this 2019?) or you’re always comparing yourself with other people who you think are so ahead of you. 

Gosh, love. Before anything else, let me tell you how perfect you are. If there’s one thing I believe most, it’s that we all are capable of turning our dreams to reality and that we definitely are where we’re supposed to be at the moment.

But now that that little tidbit of love reminder for you is out of the way, I’ll go straight to my mindset tips for bloggers like you and practical things you can do to overcome that feeling of not being good enough.

Then, comment below what number(s) you resonated with the most.

How to Feel Confident as a Blogger - What to do when you don't feel god enough as a blogger - mindset tips for bloggers

Mindset tips for bloggers so you can overcome that feeling of “I’m just not good enough”

I don’t have enough blog traffic and social media following.

First of all, your worth as a blogger and generally as a person should never be based on numbers and statistics. Don’t be attached to these numbers as they should just be your measurement tools to check if what you’re working on is effective or not. 

For example, your blog traffic is merely a reflection of whether or not a blog post you published is actually useful to your target audience. Listen and recognize the analytics but never attach your worth to it.

Remember, every idol or inspiration of yours started somewhere. There was a time when those big-time bloggers and entrepreneurs – heck, even Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, or Oprah Winfrey – had 0 following or 0 influence. They just pushed through and look where they are now.

Action step: Look in the mirror and say “I AM WORTHY!” every morning and night. Say it with feelings!

I have people criticizing and/or hating on my content. 

I’ve talked about this on my Instagram Live about the mindset shifts you have to have if you want to be a successful blogger.

How to Feel Confident as a Blogger - What to do when you don't feel good enough as a blogger - mindset tips for bloggers - facebook live video
Snapshot of the video

Watch the complete replay of the IG live in the closed FB group of our Making Dreams Happen community. You can access the Facebook group link here. I also post exclusive content and go on live there to talk more about blogging, branding, and mindset tips so definitely join the group!

Going back, remember that no one can let you down without your permission. You have the choice to let other people’s opinions of you affect you and hold you back from success or you may interpret them as driving forces to really reach your dreams.

The choice is yours.

Plus, you don’t have to please everyone. Those who criticize your content (criticize meaning their comments are not constructive feedback that you can use to improve your blog/brand) are just not the people who you’re meant to serve. See it as a filtering mechanism where you filter out the people who don’t believe what you believe.

Action step: Just do what you are called to do – promote that blog content and go on IG live or whatever – even if you feel scared about what other people may think of you. You’d be surprised by what feeling the fear and doing it anyway may do for you!

I just can’t find time to be consistent with blogging. 

I just want to remind you to take it on your own pace. Don’t force yourself if you feel like you’re really in a rut. Just recognize that we all have seasons where we experience ups and downs in our blogging journey.

BUT here’s the thing, make sure that your inconsistency is not complacency. It shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to take action. It’s actually harder to get back to momentum than it is to maintain it.

For you to be consistent, you really have to be committed on what it is that you do. Do you ever hate that person who shows up on your life like a ghost – who just comes and goes? They’re doing it because they aren’t fully committed. If they are, they’ll continuously show up. (No hugot here, just pure truth ?)

Action step: Make yourself a commitment letter. Sign it and feel as if you’re really signing a contract of a big-time company you’re working with (because hey, your future self is counting on you!)

I feel like other bloggers are doing so much better than me.


When that finally hit me (and it hit me like someone slapped my face like those you see in movies), I freakin’ got it why I kept playing small. I kept playing small because I was comparing myself to others which then led me to think that I should just do what they’re doing instead of being the authentic ME. That was why I wasn’t standing out. Because I was so obsessed with doing what others are doing because I think they’re who I am supposed to be.

Okay, love, think about it this way. Instead of focusing your attention on the people who you think are better than you, why not exert your effort on actually making yourself better? We all are on our journey facing our own ups and downs.

Action step: For one whole day (or week, or month), don’t use social media. Don’t consume other people’s content and reflect on what makes you YOU. This secret sauce of yours is one HUGE thing that can lead you to your blogging success.

How to Feel Confident as a Blogger - What to do when you don't feel good enough as a blogger - mindset tips for bloggers - blogging mindset quote

I just can’t find the motivation for me to actually take blogging seriously. 

Burning desire → commitment → motivation

Stop searching for outward motivation like a validation from others that you’re doing good, that your blog posts are useful, etc etc. Motivation is an inward thing. Search within yourself.

When you feel motivated, what is it that you’re doing? Maybe when you do and edit vlogs, you feel like time is passing so fast — then focus on that! Maybe when you write blog posts, you feel so inspired and motivated — then focus on that!

Find your most burning desire. What do you want to get out of what you’re doing? Then do it everyday until it becomes a habit.

Action step: Answer these in your journal — why are you blogging in the first place? For whom are you blogging? Who needs to hear your message? What is your burning desire?

I’m really not good at writing and/or other skills required to be a blogger. 

I can say that you don’t need anything other than a passion and determination to actually start a blog and make it work. I mean, it works easier and your road to success may be faster if you have some skills but you still can succeed if you only set your mind to it.

I actually do give DAILY BLOGGING TIPS on my Instagram on which I cover these topics (so give me a follow there if you want! ?). But in one of my daily tips, I said that your content and brand must be the combination of your passions, skills, and desires. Maybe you’re good at speaking instead of writing, then try podcasting! Whatever your skill is, work with it. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Action step: Google the heck out of those skills. Watch Youtube tutorials. Or better yet, to save you time and effort, just invest in online courses that teach you a direct system to follow!

I don’t have the resources needed to be serious in blogging yet. 

Don’t hate me on this one but I’m going to throw some tough love on you. That one’s just a freakin’ crappy excuse. I mean it.

A lot of successful entrepreneurs and bloggers and millionaires right now started with nothing. Some even started negative such as those who are in debt but they found a way out because they. wanted. to.

If you really have that burning desire and that determination and patience, you will be RESOURCEFUL enough to find or make your own resources. I promise, love. You can.

Action step: Stop complaining. When you feel like you can’t do or don’t have something, focus on what you have and be grateful. Then, search for ways on how you can find those resources.

How to Feel Confident as a Blogger - What to do when you don't feel god enough as a blogger - mindset tips for bloggers
You can be the blogger you dream to be, the best version of you, and live the life of your dreams. Believe that.

So that is it for my mindset tips for bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs who don’t feel that they’re good enough to make their brand and business dreams happen.

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Thanks for reading, love! Just a quick reminder that you’re worthy, you’re loved, and you’re amazing. You are definitely slaying your goals!

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