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When in Rome

written by myrra kate

The thing with traveling is that you not only get the thrill of planning what places to go to, where to stay, and what food to eat but also, what to wear. I don’t know if it’s just me but the mere acts of researching about the weather in the place I will be traveling to and scrolling through some outfit inspirations are just so exciting for me. It’s also, in some other ways, exhausting when I overthink about it but after I’ve done it, I get such a satisfying feeling.

On my trip to Rome a few weeks ago, I spent about three hours just planning what I was going to wear there. Let’s talk about the added pressure of being a blogger and taking outfit photos that are supposed to be uploaded on my blog and Instagram account. So to cut it short, I spent way too much time trying on my clothes but ended up with my go-to outfit combo: black denim pants + off-shoulder tops + denim jacket.

It turns out, it’s pretty easy and less stressful to just stick with your go-to outfits and just add a little bit of spice with some fashion statement piece. I once asked Janno Novenario, a celebrity stylist in the Philippines, what he thinks is the best fashion statement that works anytime and anywhere. His answer? Some good ol’ denim jacketIndeed.

Denim jackets aren't just trendy for a short period of time. It's a classic.Click To Tweet

Even though it was already pretty chilly by the time I got to Rome, the days were still warm enough to sport my off-shoulder tops. (Thankfully. Because I didn’t really want to freeze myself out there, right?) The top I’m wearing in the photos was from Style Genie PH. They’re so chic and it’s not the kind of off-shoulder that would make your arms uncomfortable. With this top, I could move my arms freely so I didn’t have any problems at all.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have photos of me wearing my second off-shoulder top because I didn’t have anyone to take it with me (this was just a solo trip, btw). The photos in this post were just taken by my Erasmus friend from Trento who I unexpectedly bumped into when we were in the Colosseum. He didn’t have anyone with him that day, too, so what a coincidence, I suddenly gained a company!

Also, when you’re in Rome, there are myriad churches and attractions to visit. It’s then important to note that most of them require “decent” clothing that doesn’t show off too much skin. That’s also one main reason why I just opted to bring my pants instead of my skirts. But then again, I was wearing an off-shoulder! Now, that’s where my favorite denim jacket did its role.

Here are the photos!

When in Rome - Yours Truly, Myrra

When in Rome - Yours Truly, Myrra



Top: Style Genie PH (Use code “MYRRAXSG” for 10% discount) | Pants: OVS | Shoes: Nike | Jacket: H&M | Bag & Watch: Zaful | Sunnies: Sunnies Studios

Style Genie 10% code - MYRRAXSG
You can purchase a StyleGenie outfit box that’s personally curated for you by a stylist! Use my code “MYRRAXSG” for a 10% discount!
I still have a lot of things to tell you about my Rome trip but for now, that’s a wrap for this blog post. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you in my next posts!

What do you think of this outfit? Is Rome on your bucket list, too? Let’s talk in the comments below!

When in Rome - Yours Truly, Myrra
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