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How to Achieve and Slay Your Blogging Goals

written by myrra kate

Hey, dream-chaser! I bet you’re here because you’re finally ready to uplevel yourself and your blog this 2019. You’ve finally decided to reach for that goal you’ve been wanting to achieve since forever. You’ve finally realized that the only thing it takes for you to achieve your blogging goal is your commitment to actually take action.

But your main question is: How? What actions do you have to take?

To achieve your blogging goal this 2019, I’ve listed down these eight reminders/steps to guide you in your journey to blogging success. These are the exact steps successful bloggers and influencers do to attain their goal – whether that be turning their blogs into their own biz, earning a certain income through their digital products or services, or becoming a successful influencer with many brand collaborations.

For real, remember these eight steps as you go along your blogging journey this 2019. Achieving your blogging goals doesn’t have to be hard. Know that you are capable of attaining and are worthy of all the desires you have.

Let’s start!

8 Things to Do to Achieve your Blogging Goals

Pick a definite goal.

Have you heard of SMART goals or objectives? If not, you must know that SMART means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Your goals have to be SMART. This technique is used in many disciplines such as communication research, economic or marketing fields, etc. because it has always been effective. When your goals are specific and measurable enough, you will avoid overwhelming yourself, which will help you be more productive.

Write down your goal.

Don’t just decide on your goal and leave it at that. It’s important that you write it down. It makes it stick more to your brain and helps you remember it.

I even suggest writing it down in the present tense and paste it somewhere you can always see. I don’t want to get all #woowoo in here but even research approves of the fact that doing so will not only make your conscious mind remember but it does on your subconscious mind, too. And once you think of it regularly, it will then manifest into your reality.

Divide your goal into chunks.

Your blogging goal, even if it’s SMART, can still be a bit overwhelming. Say you want to get 20 brand collaborations over the course of the year, you may then divide it into several tasks that will lead you to achieve your blogging goals. These tasks may be:

  • List down at least 15 brand contacts or emails
  • Draft the email template that you will send
  • Personalize the email and send it to at least 10 brands
  • Follow up if they didn’t reply after 1 week

See? It feels much more attainable when you can make small goals out of that big blogging goal of yours.

Space it out and schedule it on your planner or calendar

Whether you are using a physical planner or a digital one like Google Calendar, make sure to make time for your tasks. Set deadlines. Be accountable for them.

If, say, you are a college student with a definite schedule of classes for the week, plot your class schedule and other priorities out on your calendar first. Then, look at the free time you have left and actually schedule your blogging tasks on them.

Remember, if you’re really committed on something, you’ll make time for it.

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Remember to enjoy and keep the positive vibes to achieve your blogging goals!

Small but consistent steps win

You don’t have to be blogging for three straight hours once a week (although you can if that’s really just what schedule entails). It’s actually better and more scientifically proven that you’re likely to achieve your blogging goals best if you only do small but gradual and consistent steps.

Meaning, you can allot 15 minutes on your day and do it every day and still be successful. This is so much better than waiting for when you actually have 4-5 straight hours that you’re free to work on your blog, but never finding the time. (You can sacrifice that 15 to 30-minute scrolling on Facebook, love!)

Have specific outputs every week

I say every week but feel free to set deadlines and specific outputs every two weeks or one month or even every day! Just reflect on whatever you can do but make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself! Again, your blogging journey to success isn’t supposed to be hard!

Also, having specific outputs is necessary so that you can actually have a focus on finishing one thing. It’s important that you’re not all over the place when it comes to slaying your 2019 blogging goals.

Reward yourself after accomplishing any goal – big or small

Treat yo’self! You definitely deserve it after giving effort on finishing a task. And your reward doesn’t even have to be huge and expensive. It can be as simple as a coffee date with yourself or pampering yourself with face masks. My reward for myself is usually just movie marathons with my Mom! See, it doesn’t even cost me a thing.

Schedule a break or rest (but not too long!)

Okay, so you’ve accomplished many of your blogging goals but you’re feeling completely exhausted and unfulfilled. What’s the point?

You should be enjoying everything that you’re doing. If not then I suggest finding a deeper purpose behind your goals.

Feeling unfulfilled won’t help, trust me. I’ve been there. And it made me not post anything for MONTHS! Within that time of not posting, I also lost all my motivation to even write and produce content.

You definitely would want to spare yourself from this and just learn from me. Schedule a break or rest so as for you not to feel overwhelmed but make sure that you keep track of how long it is. Remember, just don’t lose the momentum.

Those are the 8 things you can do to slay your blogging goals this 2019 like a boss babe! I definitely can’t wait to see amazing results from you. If you want to read more of these blogging tips so you can eventually monetize your blog, go straight to this blog post to read more of those!

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So, what’s your main blogging goal for 2019, love? I’d love to know! Share them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, love. Keep on making your dreams happen. No matter what, I believe in you.

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