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Getting Lost and Found in Verona: Day 2

written by myrra kate

Verona captured my heart. There is no other simpler way to say that.

It has been the first city in Italy that I have wandered in and I couldn’t wish to have it any other way.

Weeks ago, I’ve written about our day 1 in Verona. (Sidenote: I’m sorry it took a while to post again since I had to migrate from my previous hosting site to a new one.) It was an exhausting day, really – what with the 26-hour flight from Manila to Verona, all the luggage I had to carry, the jetlag, and many other more challenges that came my way. Luckily, I survived all of that with the help and company of my very kind co-exchange student and friend, Earl (if you’re reading this, treat me some gelato, fam). I can’t imagine going through everything alone. I could still survive, I guess, but with triple the effort, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Now, I will tell you more about our trip to Verona. I can honestly say that Day 2 is as amazing as Day 1. Let’s hop onto the things we did in Romeo and Juliet’s city, shall we?

verona hotel
Our hotel near Verona’s train station

museo di castelvecchio in verona

Visit at the Museo di Castelvecchio

Earl and I left our hotel at about 10 in the morning with full stomachs. Thankfully, our hotel served free breakfast in the morning so we didn’t have to worry about where to eat. We hopped on a bus going to Piazza Bra and from there, we followed the itinerary that was stated in our Verona map (which, I didn’t know, costs 2 euros in the airport, by the way. I thought it was free ?).

The first place we visited was the Museo di Castelvecchio. I can only say “wow” when I first saw the gate’s structure and when I went inside, it had much more amazing architecture. Unfortunately, the museum was still closed so we just decided to leave and go to the next place.

arco dei gavi in verona

Stand under the huge Arco dei Gavi

The Arch of Gavi is definitely not the only arch and landmark in Verona but it is absolutely something. As you can see in the picture, I look so tiny compared to this huge arch that was said to be the entrance to the old Roman City (although it was kind of a second version since it was rebuilt after once being demolished during the Napoleonic rule). This arch really has an interesting history!

piazza dei signori in verona piazza dei signori in verona

Walk around Piazza dei Signori

This is just a small piazza but, like all the structures in Verona, I find the place really lovely. When we came here for a quick stop, it was adorable to see a group of foreign senior citizens gathering around and their leader was waving a small flag for them not to get lost. Total cuties! ?

ponte della vittoria bridge in verona

Cross the Ponte Della Vittoria bridge

There was construction happening in this bridge when we walked across it. However, I found both the bridge and the view of Verona from there really stunning so I couldn’t miss a photo. Fortunately, Earl was nice enough to make the effort of going across the bridge just for this shot!

View from Ponte Pietra in Verona
View from Ponte Pietra

Cross the Ponte Pietra bridge

This is probably the most famous of all the bridges in Verona and you can also see a beautiful view of the Adige River and Verona from there. A few minutes before crossing the bridge, Earl was talking about how he didn’t feel Verona that much because he expected that there will be lots of Italian instrumental music being played in the places we’ve gone to. The heavens must have heard him because there was a musician playing music when we crossed the bridge! It felt like we were in a movie!

fettuccine al pesto in verona

Eat lunch in one of the restaurants in Piazza Bra

I know, I know. It’s too touristy and expensive of a place to eat at. But you just can’t miss the view and the experience of people-watching in the busiest piazza in the city. Plus, the Fettuccine al Pesto that I got was totally worth the price – big serving (I couldn’t even finish it) and tasted soooo good!

gelato in verona

Get some gelato.

In Italy, you know the drill. A day couldn’t be complete without some gelato that tastes heavenly!

teatro romano in verona

view from teatro romano verona
View from Teatro Romano

Visit Museo Archeologico and Teatro Romano

Concert staff were preparing for a concert when we got there but thankfully, there were just a few people here. I mean, it’s not crowded at all. At the top, you can see such a breathtaking view of the whole city. It really is a spectacular experience to take the city all in. After all, amid everything that happened through those days, I seriously still couldn’t believe I was there.

church in verona

Visit myriad churches

There were churches everywhere. In fact, as a Roman Catholic, I loved every single one that we visited. Each has its own unique history, structure, murals, statues, and beauty. There were also some that offered tourists an informational tour through the gadgets that you can just use and listen to the history of the part of the church that you are in. Among the ones we went to are Sant’Anastasia Church, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Chiesa di San Fermo, and many other more.

I’m sure there are still other things that you can do in Verona but these were just some that we did during the second day of our visit. Verona is such a beautiful city and I couldn’t be more thankful for having the chance to personally witness that beauty. Here are some more photos that we took while we were there!

earl in teatro romano verona random door in verona anfiteatro earl and i in verona bike in verona anfiteatro verona streets myrra in verona

That’s it for our Verona tour, loves! Know that this doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning! There will be more stories to unravel and to tell and I hope you’re always there to listen. I’ll make sure all of them are worth reading and writing about. I hope that’s how you’re living your life as well – like every day is a page in the book you’re writing and you want that book to be your memoir in this world. Keep making a beautiful mark in this world, loves!

Thanks for reading!

Is Verona in the list of the places you want to visit? What’s the first thing you did or want to do/go there?

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