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Why Solo Travel is For You (And Why It’s Possibly Not)

written by myrra kate

There’s something about solo traveling that makes me achingly desire for it.Once I’ve tried it, the next thing I knew, I was searching for the next opportunity – the next ticket to book, the next place to see, the next culture to explore – to travel by myself again.

As they say, perhaps, it’s because I still don’t have a family to look after or even a boyfriend who’s willing to take on new adventures with me. Perhaps, it’s because I’m the stereotypical millennial who always finds some excuse to escape “real” life, whatever that is. Perhaps, it’s because I’m an introvert who’s more comfortable with herself than with other people.

Or perhaps, it’s because I know that adventure is always just around the corner, waiting for me to set off and see the world – both its beauty and chaos at the same time.

But whatever reason it is that makes me yearn for it, some other people would just shrug me off as some girl who may be (quote-unquote) “privileged enough” to travel or someone who’s just not contented of home.

It’s okay; I wouldn’t so much as argue with them because I know that we, human beings, are all wired differently. We have different perspectives and goals in life.

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
? Solo travel in Budapest, Hungary

Which is why I am also certain when I say that solo travel isn’t for everyone.

Let me rephrase that: Not everyone may find solo travel amusing or empowering for them. It may work for others. But for some, it may not.

Hence, solo travel isn’t for everyone. It’s just how life works.

However, I still believe everyone should try it at least once in their lives. We wouldn’t really know something is or is not for us if we wouldn’t – at the very least – try, right?

With that said, in this blog post, I’ll be laying out why solo travel is for you or why you just wouldn’t dare.

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
? Budapest, Hungary

Here’s why solo travel possibly isn’t for you

  1. You would rather have someone to enjoy the special moments in your life with.

Maybe you have a family or a husband who loves traveling as much as you do. Maybe you have a travel buddy that’s willing to go anywhere with you and who you can effectively compromise your travel plans with. Maybe you think “two is better than one” or “the more, the merrier”.

Whoever your company may be when you travel, the point is that you’ll always think: why would I travel alone if you know I’ll look at the Eiffel Tower and all I’ll wish was someone else to be with me instead of merely enjoying that moment there by myself? Why would I travel solo to Disneyland parks if I have a best friend who I would love to go with and who also loves to travel?

I mean, it obviously makes sense, doesn’t it?

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
I didn’t dare to travel alone in the Alps because I have amazing friends from my exchange program who also love hiking! ? Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites, Italy
  1. Your fear of the unknown or danger is exceptionally real.

Some fears we choose to conquer; some fears we’d rather linger with. We all can’t be entirely fearless as human beings, can we?

That’s how the mind works. It creates questions in our minds whenever we think of doing something we are uncertain of. It asks us WHY we’re even thinking of doing something and then demands us to rationalize our decisions.

So if you think you’re not yet ready to solo travel then, it isn’t for you, love – at least for now. Solo travel isn’t really worth taking if you’re just going to regret it afterward. Trust me on this one.

  1. You expect traveling to be easy.

Newsflash: Solo travel is never easy. Heck, life never really is.

So, if you expect that the world will go easy on you because you’re a solo traveler and that solo travel is all butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns (aka no chance of getting lost by yourself, no possibility of getting pickpocketed in Europe, or no possibility of staying in hostels and meeting alcoholic people who drink for breakfast) then I don’t think you get what solo travel really means.

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
Traveling isn’t easy. Unexpected events happen like this one in Budapest. It was so sunny the day before but the next day, I woke up with almost a snowstorm.
  1. You can’t be bothered to do all the things by yourself.

You’re out there alone. That means, if you miss your train, you’re going to have to book your train ticket again while also adjusting some things like your accommodation or also grabbing your snacks on the way or watching over your luggage while you wait for the next train. I don’t know if I made enough sense, but you get it.

Solo travel isn’t made for you if you aren’t determined enough to do things on your own.

Make no mistake though because we all definitely need help sometimes. Locals may as well be the best navigators in our journey in those unfamiliar lands. Tour guides may know more about the history of the places we’re going to than we think we do after reading some travel guidebook. And many other examples.

We just have to ask. Ask properly. And know who to ask. If you think you don’t want to be THAT vulnerable, solo travel is just not for you.

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
? Budapest, Hungary

On the other hand, here’s why solo travel is for you

  1. You are comfortable with the company of yourself – or at least, you’re trying to learn how to.

Solo travel is one of the best and meaningful ways to find and love yourself in the process. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?

When you’re out there with no one to depend on but yourself, you’d realize just how capable you are of doing things.

At home, you mostly succumb on your room afraid of socializing with people, but by solo traveling, you learn that you can actually start a conversation with other people (in a non-awkward way!).

At home, you think you always need your mom to pack your bags for you but when you travel solo, you just realize how both easy and complicated packing is but you were able to learn how to.

At home, you’re told that you don’t even know how to use a map or that you’ll get lost somewhere. But in solo traveling, you realize you’ll still get lost somehow but you know you’ll always find your way back (because spoiler alert: that’s how amazing you actually are).

You see, even if we mostly have meals with ourselves when we solo travel while there are families and couples around us, we realize it doesn’t really matter so much because having ourselves is simply more than enough.

So if you trust yourself enough – or are actually trying to, then no doubt, solo travel IS for you.

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
I believe you can conquer those fears!
  1. You are willing to face the world of the unknown face first.

Once you’ve hopped off that bus or walked out that airport, you’re out there. By yourself. In an unfamiliar territory.

It’s scary. No person who has ever tried solo traveling will tell you otherwise.

But, to face those fears, you have to change your mindset first. Have you ever heard about the quote, mind over matter? It’s true, indeed. You have to believe and tell yourself that you really can because as memory expert Jim Kwik said, “Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.”

That’s actually why I created the Wandering Dreamers Worksheet. You can use this worksheet to reset your mind from all the negativities and start thinking positively. When you believe in your dreams of traveling so much, you will then take action and the universe will lead you to where you are supposed to be. That’s the power of The Secret, right?

Sign up in the form below to download the Wandering Dreamers Worksheet for free! (You will also get access to my resource library with exclusive printables and downloadables for aspiring travelers and dreamers like you!)

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it’s also such a meaningful experience to know that you can actually conquer your fears (when you thought you couldn’t because some bully in high school said you’ll forever be a loser) and face those fears head-on.

There’s also too much uncertainty when you solo travel. You don’t know, for a fact, what trains will get delayed or who your hostel roommates would be. But it’s in the way we take these challenges and choose to respond to them that we realize, we’re never meant to be a frightened, stagnant, and predictable person forever.

  1. You know that traveling, much like reality, is going to be challenging.

Solo travel is going to drain the hell out of you.

There are going to be times that you’re going to be lonely and regret your decision to set off on this adventure. There are going to be times when you’ll possibly feel homesick and you’ll yearn for the presence of someone familiar but you just know that you’re a thousand miles away from home and it sucks because you can’t do anything. There are going to be times when you panic because you think someone stole your valuables, but it turns out, you just misplaced them.

There are going to be A LOT of those challenging, panic-causing times.

But know that they, too, shall pass. As much as the good times do.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, good news: that’s another reason why solo travel is for you.

  1. You are responsible enough to do things all by yourself.

When you travel solo, no one is going to take care of yourself but YOU. It’s your responsibility to look over your valuables and put them in a secured place before you set off in your day’s itinerary. It’s your responsibility to find dry cleaners who can do your laundry for you – or handwash it yourself if lack of option comes. It’s your responsibility to get the hell out of that bar when you think you’re already quite tipsy.

It’s all YOUR responsibility.

Say, you make friends along the way, but all your decisions will, in the end, boil down to how accountable and responsible you are with yourself.

It’s a lot of work, love, but if you know you have at least a bit of self-control and self-discipline (because trust me, you’ll learn them more in the process), then that’s also why solo travel is for you.

Why Solo Travel is For You and Why It's Not - Why Solo Travel is Good for You and why You should try it
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So, have you decided if solo travel is or is not for you?

Whatever your decision is, I have just one suggestion for you. Please, please, please listen to me.

Just give it a chance.

Try traveling solo at least once. (You can even sign up here to get access to my resource library filled with freebies and worksheets for aspiring travelers like you.)

And then, decide. Know why solo travel is for you or why it’s not.

If it’s for you, great. If not, then it’s fine, too.

Because, in the end, we can’t really assume something is good or bad for us if we haven’t even tried and experienced it ourselves.

Remember, to try and try and try is still what matters.

So go out there, love — see the world and make your dreams happen.

What are you afraid of when it comes to the idea of solo traveling? Comment down and let’s chat, loves!

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