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7 Simple Tips on How to Be Consistent with Blogging

written by myrra kate

It’s been a struggle for me to be a consistent blogger for years.

I started my blog back in 2015. Back then, I only saw my blog as a journal so I’d only show up 2-5 times per month on my blog depending on whether or not I was feeling it.

But what happened when I wasn’t feeling it or felt lazy to do go on my laptop and type something?

Crickets. My blog was basically radio static silent.

And I kept stressing over why the heck was my blog traffic and readers not increasing.

Pfft, if I only knew then what I knew now, it could’ve saved me so much time, effort, and energy in pouring my heart out to a blog that was almost visible to my audience. Now, using the tips I’ll share with you in this blog post, I can honestly say that I’ve been a consistent blogger. Perhaps, not on writing blog posts as of the past few months as I was reconstructing my site (note: more blog posts coming your way now since my site is finally up!). But being consistent on showing up every day on my business and my Instagram to give you daily blogging tips that have already gotten such amazing feedback from most of my followers.

So, let me know, can you relate to any of the following:

  • You lack content ideas.
  • You feel lazy/unmotivated to blog.
  • You struggle with perfectionism.
  • You don’t know how to plan your content.
  • You lack the “time” to write.

If so, read on! These are my simple tips on how to be a consistent blogger because as the cliche statement says, “Consistency is key”, amiright?

7 Simple Things You Can Do to Blog Consistently

Know your audience.

When I was studying development communication in uni, this was our mantra, our GOLDEN RULE — Know your audience. And even now that I’ve just graduated, I live by this rule.

Sometimes, as bloggers and online entrepreneurs, we tend to create content without any intention. We saw a trend or a random topic that someone posts on Instagram and think, “Omg I have to make a similar post to blend in.” But hey, our blogs and businesses are NOTHING without our audiences. We can keep on posting and selling stuff, but if they aren’t of value to anyone, no one would honestly care.

our blogs and businesses are NOTHING without our audiencesClick To Tweet

So how can you use this to be a consistent blogger? Remember that when you know your audience well enough — their struggles, needs, wants, concerns, etc. — you’ll never lack content ideas at all. Cross that excuse out and and go out there and engage with your audience. Listen to them! Your best blog post ideas and most successful ideas for your offers will stem out from that.

Take note of random ideas.

Have you ever just that eureka moment in your shower where a genius idea just randomly popped in your mind? Were you just staring out the window and suddenly thought of a topic to blog about? Or maybe you’re meditating and your intuition gave you some hint?

Those moments are totally not random. The universe is always giving you ideas and opportunities — literally anywhere and anytime! So when that happens, be ready. Carry your pen and paper or just take out your notes app and then, take down notes. When you feel like you don’t have anything to blog about which you can put in your content plan, go back to your list of random ideas and see what you can leverage. BOOM, there goes your blog post.

Plan your content.

Speaking of a content plan or a content calendar, I recommend having one if you really want to ace being a consistent blogger. This helps a lot because even weeks or months prior to your posting schedule, you already can already prepare a blog post especially when you’re in the zone.

If you’ve already got blog posts prepared in advance and there came a time that you think you lack time or motivation to write, problem solved! You’re welcome.

Remind yourself that what matters is that it gets done.

We tend to overthink a lot in creating our content. What if the title isn’t good enough? Did I check every last work to ensure I don’t have grammatical or spelling errors? What if I missed anything to write about? What if other people won’t like this? What if, what if, what if.

Well, what if you just use that worrying time to create more content? What if you just publish it without obsessing over whether or not it’s perfect because perfection doesn’t even exist? What if you just edit it after but at least you got it done, right?

I know the feeling of perfectionism, my love. Been there, done that. But oh how many amazing things did I miss out on just because I was too obsessed with getting it right and perfect. As one of my mentors say, “Done is better than perfect.”

Schedule your writing time.

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible; but if you schedule it, it’s real.” – Tony Robbins

Let that sink in. Have you ever told yourself, “I just don’t have time.” Well, darling, we all have 24 hours, 12 months, 365/366 days per year. But how do you think people do and BE more than the others? Simple, they know how to use their time wisely.

If you schedule your content creation time and commit to it (even just for an extra hour every day or your 30-min train ride to work), it’s going to collectively build up. Say, you write blog posts for 1 hour. Then, if you schedule 30 minutes per day, you can even create at least 3 blog posts in a week! Which you can schedule out in your content calendar so you’re good to go for 3 weeks!

Always go back to your WHY.

Your WHY and your vision must be SO strong that it diminishes every excuse you’ve got. This is your one main push, your North Star. When you feel like you have nothing else to write or talk about in your blog content, go back to it and ask yourself, “how can I share my message, this WHY, to the world today?”

Now, if you feel unmotivated by your why, it means it’s not strong and deep enough for your heart, mind, and soul to be triggered to take action by it. So edit it in such a way that it is stronger so that it’s able to MOVE you.

Your WHY and your vision must be SO strong that it diminishes every excuse you've got.Click To Tweet

Get more accountability.

It definitely helps when someone is keeping track of your progress, too. This could simply be your best friend, your mom, or even your followers. When you tell them that “hey, I’m going to be posting every Monday at this specific time”, now you got them to expect something from you. Obviously, as humans, we tend to not want to let anyone down so, in order to prevent that feeling, we’d be motivated to show up.

So those are my 7 simple tips to help you be a consistent blogger. You don’t have to force yourself to do them all, my love. Just try to do at least one that you’ll stick to for this week and another one on the next. And then, the momentum keeps going.

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I believe in you so much. Now, go out there and be limitless.

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